Seasonal Celebrations



Advent is a time for St. Andrew members and friends to dig dipper into study and into getting to know each other better in the spirit of Christmas. Watch for dinner and study opportunities that will be posted in the fall.  All are welcome whether you can participate once in a dinner or class or in all the studies!  Between our two campuses, we have four Christmas Eve services, with one to fit your schedule.

Christmas Pageant

Each Advent our Children produce an amazing Christmas Pageant.  Rehearsals usually begin in October. Contact the Children’s Coordinator at Pope Avenue or at Bluffton to learn more about the schedule and how your child might become involved.

Fall Festival

Fall Festival book shoppers 2014Fall Festival has been the primary funding source for St. Andrew By-The-Sea’s Mission/Outreach for many years.  Countless St. Andrew By-The-Sea members work tirelessly to make this special event happen—providing not only funding for our programs, but also a community-wide social event and a source of needed items for the less fortunate in our area.

The Fall Festival is the island’s longest running pre-holiday bazaar with “Odds & Olds,” collectibles, books, sports & hobbies, toys & tots, Christmas crafts, food, baked goods, a great Silent Auction & more!  It is usually held on a Saturday in November. (November 9 from 10-2pm in 2019)

The Festival has raised over $30,000 for mission programs annually, with much of the monies remaining in our local community. Thanks to all those who donated to any booth and to the Silent Auction.

What are the funds raised at the Fall Festival used for?
Every dollar raised through the sale of items goes to support missions. The missions causes range from such local charities as Deep Well and Habitat for Humanity, to sending mission teams to hurricane ravaged areas or to International mission sites.

Our annual Fall Festival is a special event in the life of the church. It is hoped that every person in the congregation will make, bake and donate saleable items. Workers are also needed the day of the festival.

Donations of items gladly accepted (sorry, we do not accept clothing except for infants and toddlers, and we only accept smaller items of furniture, such as nightstands, small tables, etc., that can easily be purchased and transported home by a buyer).

Call the church office at 785-4711 for more information.

Truck Or T10653796_773393486041357_7852703649225072694_nreat

Adults: Park your car, pop open that trunk, have a big bowl of candy to share (decorations add to the fun.)  Invite other grown-up friends to join you.

Kids:  Give that Halloween costume a trial run.  Don’t forget to ask a friend to come along for all the scary fun and yummy treats.

Hilton Head Campus Event is Oct. 27, 2019 from 5-6pm.
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