International Mission Trip



From June 3-11, 2016, St. Andrew sent a team of 10 adults to the mission field of Ecuador to work with our Methodist missionary Sara Flores. This is a relatively new initiative by the United Methodist Church in Ecuador, and church planting and outreach are the main focus now. Our team will be doing basic construction on new churches/multipurpose buildings as the infrastructure is taking place. They will also be providing assistance to bible school workshops and helping to spread the good news about Jesus Christ as they work with the locals of northern Ecuador.  On March 5, 2017,  a brunch will be held after worship at the Hilton Head Campus to share pictures and trip details.

If you would like to help financially with the mission work of Ecuador, please read the latest information listed from Sara Flores.

UMCOR & Natural Disasters

UMCOR works with disaster response personnel to assist affected communities as quickly as possible.

With the many disasters, financial assistance is greatly needed. UMCOR says disaster funds are “perilously low.”

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Donations to UMCOR may be made through the offering plate payable to St. Andrew and noted with the disaster name or advance number on-line through the United Methodist Committee on Relief or by calling toll-free (888) 252-6174.

100% of donations go to assist those in need.


Rev. William Lovelace—Russia

Rev. Rhett Thompson—Panama

Ecuador Mission Trip—in the summer of 2016, 10 adults from SABTS will be going to the mission field of Ecuador to work with Methodist Missionary, Sara Flores.