InFellowship allows members and visitors to search for a small group, be included in the on-line directory, register for a class or event, view and print your own contribution statements and more. Note that we must already have your email address and date of birth in our database for you to use this portal.

Click on this link to create a Login or
to go to the Login Page

(Click here for instructions for set up)

Note: When you return to the InFellowship page to log-in,
use your email address as your login and then put in the password you created.

To Register for an Event:
Login to InFellowship, click on the pictures of those in your family attending and click continue, answer the payment option for each individual and click continue, enter your payment type and info and click submit payment. You will receive a confirmation email.

To Search For a Group:
Once you are logged into InFellowship, click on the words “Find a Group.’ The next easiet step is to just click on the “Search” button on the far right. From there you will see ways to narrow your search. Be sure to upload a picture of yourself to your InFellowship profile if one is not already there from LifeTouch.

To Give Online:
Click here to give online whether or not you have an InFellowship account.