InFellowship Instructions

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To get started, click on the word “Register” at the top or on the small blue words “Don’t have an account? Sign up!” at the bottom of the login page. You will see this page whenever you return to use InFellowship.

You may want to bookmark this page for easy one-click access from your browser.

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Each person must have their own email account to sign up. Your login is your email address. If you use an email that we don’t have at the church, please let us know as it will create a duplicate file for you. If you do not have an email account, you can easily sign up for an account through a source like Gmail.

Create your password that you will remember and click the “Create” an account button. When you click the button, the system will send you an email (to the address you put in) that has a link that you must click to get to the next step. (AOL users: this email could take some me to get to you. We have seen it take up to three hours.)

Once you get the confirmation email and click on the link, you should click on “Your Profile” and on that page click on the “Update your profile” on the right if you want to change anything on the page. This is where you can upload a picture by clicking “Change” under the photo box. Any professionally taken LifeTouch photos will automatically be uploaded.

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You will also need to go to the “Privacy Settings” page and adjust those and check the box at the bottom to be included in the directory. This is VERY IMPORTANT ! If that box does not show up, email Nadine at .

It is helpful to your church family to see your name, address, phone and email.

Once you are signed up for InFellowship, you can see your own giving, all the groups you belong to, email anyone in your groups, and see the on-line church directory.

Any questions? Call the church office at (843)785-4711.