…Fulfilling your call at St. Andrew

Working at St. Andrew By-The-Sea United Methodist Church is more than a job; it’s fulfilling a call to ministry and sharing the love of Christ using your gifts and talents. We seek staff who want to join us in being an open, nurturing body of Christian believers seeking God’s guidance as we minister to others.

There are 2 positions available at this time:


As part of the SABTS staff, the Director of Family Ministries will work full-time, developing ministry for children (grades 5th and below) and youth (grades 6th-12th) to carry out ministry to, with, and by young people to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Responsibilities include:

  • Nurture the faith of our children, youth and their families in relevant and meaningful ways
  • Be present for worship and Sunday School/Small Groups on Sunday mornings
  • Recruit, train, and schedule volunteers needed for Children’s Ministries (nursery, Sunday School, Children’s Chapel)
  • Plan, implement, and recruit for Vacation Bible School and other special seasonal children’s activities (Christmas, Easter, Summer)
  • Plan, implement, be present for United Methodist Youth Fellowship (grades 6th-12th)
  • Recruit, train, and schedule volunteers needed for Youth Ministry
  • Supervise occasional youth outings/retreats/mission trips
  • Participate in the Confirmation process along with Pastors and mentors
  • Encourage children and youth to participate in all facets of the life of the church, including involvement in intergenerational and outreach ministries
  • Create opportunities for families of young people to know and support each other
  • Spend time in the community where children/youth gather to support and deepen relationships
  • Communicate with children and families through social media, newsletter, email, web site, texting, and/or formats about ministries to assure strong communication between church and home
  • Manage budgets for children’s ministry and youth ministry
  • Implement Safe Sanctuaries Guidelines, including background checks of all volunteers working with children/youth

An ideal candidate will be brought up in or well-acquainted with United Methodist theology and practice, and will support St. Andrew By-The-Sea in our purpose to grow a welcoming community where people of all ages and stages on their faith journey can come to experience the love, grace, and compassion of Jesus Christ while developing relationships with each other, leading to service locally and beyond.

Salary range: $50,000–$60,000/year



  1. Oversee the technical activities and operations of St. Andrew By-The-Sea UMC.
  2. Responsible for learning technical aspects of all (sound, video and tv) equipment.   
  3. Responsible for organizing tech areas.
  4. Responsible for procedural documentation for use of this equipment.
  5. Responsible for resolving all ongoing problems – make sure that problems are identified and the status of getting them resolved is communicated.
  • Coordinate changes or needs for equipment with Trustees and Office Manager as needed.
  • Updates to equipment are to be done on a timely basis.
  • Coordinate Sunday Streaming operation weekly
  • Train and schedule volunteers to assure a quality consistent streaming result. 
  • Have technical knowledge of all equipment and update, maintain or replace as needed.
  • Have full understanding in order to startup, operate and shutdown each week.
  • Understand and use Boxcaster Pro streaming equipment.  
  • Understand audio and lighting control center: microphone and speakers to have both in church and streaming quality. Ensure that batteries in equipment are sufficient.
  • Understand video cameras control system and be able to follow a worship plan.
  • Understand iPad, Apple TV, and software to insert transitions into the video stream.
  • Planning – Be able to take the worship template (Planning Center Services) provided and convert it into a working streaming action plan. Each week a worship plan will be provided by church staff. This plan template will need audio, video, and transition detail. It will include song lyrics and possibly added video to be shown.
  • Works with staff to get equipment set up prior to day of service.
  • Set up and run the Narthex News each week with Slides provided by Office Staff.

4. Coordinate weekly technical operations along with a volunteer 2 to 3 person Tech / Streaming team.

Scope of Work:

  • Time Commitment – It is expected that this job will require a period of initial training – In-depth training on equipment.
  • 2-4 weeks of Sunday observation suggested to start.
  • Weekly Duties 

                2-4 hours of planning

                3-4 hours of Sunday setup, operate and shutdown of equipment.

Rate of pay is $20 – $40 per hour based on experience for up to 10 hours per week year-round.

To apply: Contact Kim Likins, Chair of Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee via email at kimlikins@roadrunner.com.