2022 St. Andrew Church Council + Key Leaders


Sarah Coffin, Church Council Chair

Andi Argast, Council Recording Secretary

Joe Kerr + Melissa Wagner, Lay Leaders
Nominations + Leadership Development Committee: Steve Alm, Jane Hilson, Andi Argast, Tricia Rawls, BeJe Anderson, Dianne Keller, Christine Eagle, Pat McGuire, Nick Mihelic

Connie Borgianini + Monica Barricks, Nurture

Sue Kroupa + Rebecca Jones, Outreach

Kathy Wilcox, Witness

Kim Likins, SPPRC Chair
SPPRC Committee: Nathan Kunkle, Debra Keenan, Freda Thomas, Ken Seavers, Lynda Castle, Brian Little, Kathy Gresham

Norm Argast, Finance Chair
Finance Committee: Jeff Herriman (Treasurer), Judith Smith, Hank Barry, Serena Chandler, Shirley Sigler, Craig Christensen

Jeff Herriman, Treasurer

Jeff Billman, Endowment Chair
Endowment Committee: Norm Argast (Finance chair), Sarah Coffin (Church Council chair), Michael Tucker, Jim Sims, Bruce Siebold

Floyd McKeag +  Bob Gentzler, Trustee Chair/Vice-Chair
Trustee Committee: Graham Silcox, Kerry Alexander, Adam Flores, Rhonda Barry,  Michael Tucker

Shelly Hudson, Relational Ministry Chair

Julie Chalpin, Christian Ed/Formation Committee Chair

Madison Denny, Young Adults Representative

David Deis, Building Committee Chair
Building Committee: John Boyles, Josh Tiller, Shirley Sigler, Floyd McKeag, Sherry Conrad, Bruce Trimbur

Karen Kirby, Soup Kitchen Coordinator

Stephen Ministry Leaders: Bill Putnam, Dave Peterson, Jeanne Seavers, Jeff Billman and BeJe Anderson

Jim Reeves, Scholarship Committee Chair
Scholarship Committee: Joyce Flowers, Toney Mathews, Dale Conrad, Karen Bostian, Jim Sims, Tina Browning

Bob Gentzler, Tech Coordinator
Tech Team: Bobby Riggs, Jim Phillips, Jeff Bornhauser, Noah Gorrell, Dave Peterson

A few years ago, the Church Council adopted the following mission statement for St. Andrew which embodies the spirit of the St. Andrew congregation:

The mission of St. Andrew By-The-Sea is to be an open, nurturing, body of Christian believers seeking God’s guidance as we minister to others.