Church Conference Information for April 30

On April 30, 2017 at 12:30pm at the Hilton Head Campus, full members who are present may vote on a change to re-direct a portion of the use of funds from our One Great Church, Two Front Doors campaign.  The essence of the situation is that by re-purposing and refurbishing some of the Admin Building with insurance funds from Hurricane Matthew flooding, we were able to gain 550 sq ft of storage space which will meet our current needs versus the construction of an 800 sq. ft. building at the rear of our the Celebration Center.  It is the recommendation of the Pope Avenue Building Committee, the Trustees and the Church Council that the $165,000 ear-marked as a part of the campaign for the storage project could now be better spent at Pope Avenue for other needs.  One such need might be the pursuit of easier access to our facilities.  An access point built on a common grade would not pose as great a challenge for those who have walking issues. It is a steep climb into the sanctuary for those who are handicapped, using a walker or a wheel chair.  This condition creates a hardship and discourages attendance to worship and other church functions. Should the church vote on April 30 not to build the storage at this time, then the Pope Avenue Building Committee would begin looking at all needs at Pope Avenue, and would bring recommendations to the church once ideas are developed.

Below are links which provide the slides shown at the April 23 Town Hall and an outline of the comments.  They include our current campaign status as well as the case for making this change for your consideration in voting on April 30 at the Church Conference.  The wording on the April 30 ballot is included in the slides.

Town Hall Comments 4-23-17

Church Conference Slide Presentation for 4-23-17

Please contact Building Chairman Larry Brown, Church Council Chair Charlie Hannah, Trustee Vice Chair Roger Abney or Pope Avenue Building Chair Ward Kirby with any other questions. The office will be glad to help you be in touch with them if you do not have their contact information.


Storage 1
Storage as it was in a Celebration Center Classroom
prior to creation of storage in the Admin Building.

New flooring on Ramp



New ramp and flooring in Admin leading to the new
storage area created following Hurricane Matthew.


New Storage former Admin Asst Office New Storage Former DOA office 2  New Storage room former DOA office 1

New Storage areas created in the former offices of the Admin Asst and Director of Admin.  Rolling items sit on treated plywood.