Altar Guild Policy

St. Andrew By-The-Sea is a place of worship.  The church is designed to draw attention to a focal point, called the chancel.  The architecture of St. Andrew was designed to provide a sacred space without the need for manmade enhancements.  Nature is abundant through the large glass windows, bringing God’s green earth and blue sky inside. The beauty of the natural wood tones already makes this a pleasant and worshipful place. 

The general policy of the guild is that “less is better.”  Flowers are used to adorn the worship space. They should be in keeping with the architecture and other decorations of the church, arranged to be large enough to be seen from the back pews, yet in a scale so as not to dominate. 

To that end arrangements for all worship services including Sunday services, weddings, funerals or memorials will abide by the following policy.  Any alteration to the décor of the sanctuary (especially the chancel) for an event or service MUST be approved by the Altar Guild in consultation with the Sr. Pastor.

  1. Flowers should always be fresh; no type of artificial flower or plant is appropriate in the chancel or altar area.
  2. No bows are ever permitted in arrangements or on containers in the chancel area.
  3. Flowers for Sunday worship may be placed on the altar in honor or memory of someone or in celebration of a birthday, anniversary or special event. You will be assisted with proper wording for the bulletin; however personal messages cannot be delivered in the church bulletin.  The staff reserves the right to edit the wording for appropriateness for worship.
  4. For Sunday worship, the Altar Guild will select the type and color of flowers with the church’s florist.  No special requests will be permitted.
  5. White flowers are used on Communion Sundays.
  6. Flowers are placed on the altar for the glory of God for the service. For this reason, St. Andrew considers all flowers as contributions; however, if you wish to take the flowers following the completion of services, it is permissible.
  7. Members and friends of the congregation may subscribe to seasonal flowers, such as Easter Lilies and Christmas poinsettias, as the church calendar permits. These are also considered donations.
  8. No florist wax, tacks, tape, pins or anything that is wet may be used on the pews, pew ends or sanctuary furnishings.
  9. Only candelabra with metal cylinders for the candles should be used. This is necessary due to airflow in the sanctuary during heating and cooling cyles, which cause candles to drip, even those designated as “dripless.”  All candles should be tested.

10.  The altar guild’s seasonal decorations may not be enhanced or changed. 
        ex:  no additional ribbons or decorations should be added to the Chrismon tree 
without consulting with the Altar Guild.

(See the wedding policy for other specifics for wedding services and facility use.)