About the Cancellation of Two St. Andrew Mission Events

From our Sr. Pastor…

The pandemic, unfortunately, has laid claim to a number of traditional fall events synonymous with the South Carolina Lowcountry. Autumn celebrations on Hilton Head Island have not been spared. The Concours d’Elegance and our Community Thanksgiving Dinner, are among several events postponed until 2021.

SABTS’s Fall Festival is an event to which we all look forward. Interesting home goods, a wonderful silent auction, and a festive atmosphere that includes music and good food are the hall-marks of our getting together in November for the last 43 years!  However, we also have had to postpone this important event ‘till the fall of 2021. We are even now beginning the process of organizing for the best Fall Festival ever next year.  A group of leaders will be meeting soon to brainstorm and to evaluate ways we can be most effective in providing fun, fellowship and needed financial resources for our mission out reach in the Lowcountry.

In light of this postponement, St. Andrew will hold a mission fundraiser during the first couple weeks of November to help make up for money we won’t be receiving on Festival day. A gracious, matching gift offer from our Endowment Committee will allow us to ‘close the gap’ so to speak and offset the loss of revenue we typically raise on the day of Fall Festival. Our several mission and outreach efforts are largely dependent on these funds.

We are asking you to consider a donation equivalent to or greater than the amount you may have spent on the day of Fall Festival. Be assured that these moneys are particularly needed during this time of pandemic as pressure continues to mount on the helping agencies and outreach committees of our church.

We look forward to 2021 and a beautifully reconstituted Fall Festival, one that will continue to be a source of strengthening for our people. Watch for details Sunday mornings regarding our progress toward reaching a goal of $25,000 dollars that will go into the mission budget.

Here’s to raising the money and here’s to next year’s Fall Festival!

I love you all,